Thursday 27th August, 2015

Mum was up about 8.00 today, she went back to bed and had a cup of tea.   I left her there as I was finishing my poppies.  She was down about 8.45.   

Mum has been what I would call restless the last two days.    Not wandering but keeps getting up to take her plate out, she gets up and goes to the conservatory but then doesn’t know what she was going for.    I was making my sandwich and she appeared in the kitchen.       This might not be strange for a year ago but unless she needs to go to the toilet she doesn’t move much.       Started following me about.       


Monday. 23/02/15

Weather. Light grey skies, quite bright

Took tea up 9.30. Mum asked if if seen Bob the last few days. I said no. She said I thought she was there. Wasn’t sure who she meant but then she said I think his wife is with one of the girls. One of them is his daughter.

Had several dreams last night; one standing in a corner by the clock tower and someone said hallo come this way. Another there were a crowd of people talking to her and she wanted them to go away she want ed to go to sleep. Thought she could hear her mum and dad talking.

Mum thinks the worse of everyone. The rices haven’t been next door for ages. WhenCharlie needs help there not here. I did explain that perhaps Margaret gets upset when they are there.

Upset at still being in bed at 10.45. Disgusted but doesn’t do anything about getting up.

Gave her Oatabix this morning but didn’t put enough milk in the jug so they were quite dry. Didn’t eat much. Never mention jug but said the tray had spots in it needed cleaning.

Put TV on. Sat playing with remote.

Mum didn’t like dinner – braising steak with carrots and onions, mashed potatoes and peas. Then she had shandy. She wouldn’t drink it all, she did. I had to taste it even though I said I didn’t like it. I was trying to get the syrupy taste out of my mouth and she said I shouldn’t lie. I did like it

Lynn always was her favourite, although she doesn’t like Steve she thinks Karen tries hard and mean well. She used to say I thought I was too good for this family but I am no different to everyone else. It was because I was quiet and didn’t say much. Some of the comments she’s made since I have been here, she still thinks the same, she loves me anyway. It’s just tiring when you try hard and you can’t get it right.

Brian pissed me off tonight but I have to be careful. He was watching immigration street. I said this is so depressing, he said well I like to know so I said ‘can you do anything about it? He just said no. He sat that till nearly 9.40. I said you ok mum and she said yeeaaah so we knew she was tired. He then said I’ll put my shoes on.

Saturday 03/01/15

Weather. Bit overcast scattered blue skies. , not very bright.

Mum had her eyes open at 9.00 but not very awake. She drank her tea and ate the biscuit. All she wanted to do was to go back to sleep. I said she should have her breakfast then come back to bed. Eventuallyg she got up to go to the toilet and went back into the bedroom and got dressed.

Charlie rang and said Margaret was taken into hospital last night by ambulance. He thought she had a chest infection but the paramedic thought it was the next stage if her disease. She had to wait 6 hours to be seen in A & E. Charlie is not sure whether she will be home. He only knows Margaret has dementia.

I told mum and she wanted to go round. I said he was waiting for the hospital to call and Social Services were coming in to see what else he needed. The doctor rang and told them about Margaret’s condition. She got arsey with me when I said that. Well I feel I need to go and see him I said I was here go him if he needs me. I cuddled her and asked why she snapped at me and she said it was because I was always picking her up. So I tried but we decided I wasn’t cos I couldn’t.

She has just called me. Hasn’t been asleep for more than 5 minutes.
10.45 and she’s asleep on the sofa again. Come up to wash my hair.

Asked if she wanted to go for a lay down as she kept dozing off. I was told it is a waste of a day sleeping!!!!!!
I asked her to put her socks on which she did!, then I said we will go to B & Q Mum categorically said No she wasn’t going out. Arms folded and shoulders held firm. I said sitting here is a waste, we could be getting out getting fresh air but she’s sitting firm.

Cooked egg muffins for dinner, must say quite impressed. Could have done with more flavour but now I know they work, are quick and easy I shall make some more with other stuff in.

Mum ate it all and said what’s for dessert. I said I hadn’t cooked any as she usually didn’t eat her dinner. I offered rice pudding, jelly, Christmas cake or yoghurt. She didn’t want any.
Will give her some rice later. Mum came out and dried up, I washed and out away. While drying up, she said she would go round and see Bob when he got home, mind you she was going round to see Charlie but a small person stopped her. More proof that her emotions last while words don’t because I never said she couldn’t go, I was just telling her what he told me he was doing this morning.

We have watched a sales programme with some high tech stuff, interesting in a funny sort of way. A stick to hold your iPhone while you took a selfie – £19.99. A present wrapping machine, a fork which buzzed if you ate too fast!!!!!!!!!

We are now watching horse racing! She is now shouting at the horses. It is all wrong the other man in the green was waving his stick pushing the others out of the way. It is all wrong. Bet the girls are as pleased as punch leading that horse!

Eventually turned bit over to some animal programme.

Brian came round. Mum continued to watch animal programmes. Brian reads his paper. Silence. Made tea mum had a biscuit.

About 7.00 made her a ham sandwich which she ate and a cup if tea. Last of the Summer Wince came on at 7.00. Mum watched that, laughing. Also had a piece of cake at 9.00

Brian left at 9.30. Asked mum if she wanted to go down to dinner, she said yes without asking me. Hooray.

After she stood at the door watching Brian go, I pretended to lock the door. She came in and sat down to drink her Horlicks.

Top of the pops came on and I thought she would turn television off and go to bed, she didn’t, she found a Leslie Neilson film which was funny. At 10.15. I came up to bed, hoping she would follow but she didn’t, I washed my face, cleaned my teeth. I ended up going down for my handbag thankfully she was tidying up to come to bed. She had been looking for me!! I got her glass of water and came up behind her. She went in the bathroom. I cuddled her and told her how happy I was because she ate everything today, she just said she had to cos I was watching her.